For the tyre and rubber industry we are the approved Thai supplier for the following:

BST eltromat GmbH

Automation and web guiding solutions.Supplier of a range of solutions for applications ranging from calender machines through to Tyre Building Machines.
BST eltromat can automate production to both improve quality, and reduce operator workload through advanced web guiding, width measurement and tension control solutions. The latest generation of line cameras with an easy to use Graphical User Interface, greatly simplify the setup process, making implementing
BST eltromat solutions easier than ever.

Dienes GmbH

Specialist in cutting and slitting solutions across many industry sectors. For the tyre industry, Dienes has a range of industry leading crush cut and shear cut knives and knife holders.

TKM Group GmbH

Market leader in cutting solutions for rubber with steel cord and/or textile inserts. With a number of major OEM machine makers and industry leading tyre manufacturers as customers you can be assured of the finest quality blades to fit your requirements.

For the printing and packaging industry we are the local supplier for the following:

AD Doctor Blade (Shanghai)

Supplier of high quality carbon steel and ceramic coated doctor blades for use in gravure and flexo print applications.

Pearl Technologies Inc.

Based in the USA, Pearl has a long history of supplying high quality and long lasting converting products to the printing and packaging industry.


Based between Switzerland and Austria in the principality of Liechtenstein, Ultralight has been involved in the development and production of UV lamps
for over 40 years.
Ultralight produces UV lamps with a long usable life for a number of industry sectors, including but not limited to:
Printing – UV ink curing
Food industry – Disinfecting of drinking water, surfaces and packaging materials